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Time Warps in Quantum Break:

In Quantum Break, time will stutter and freeze in one of the most anticipated gaming
experiences ever. From Remedy Entertainment, this action packed video game is exclusive
to the Xbox One, and players will witness a next generation entertainment experience; lines

will blur as gameplay is mixed with episodic scripted television segments, and through this,
players will need to watch carefully, as these segments reveal not only hints for gameplay,
but also show the result of a player's actions. Play the game and affect the movie, and watch
the movie that helps play the game.

One of a Kind Entertainment Experience:

Set in the fictional Riverport University, where a time travel experiment has gone awry, play
as Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder or the antagonist Paul Serene and use the ability to manipulate time
to survive. See through the eyes of the characters; freeze time, look back or peak into the
future and see how decisions made in present affect the outcome of the story.

Experience next generation animation intricately weaved to transport players inside the game
taking part in every happening there is. Enjoy fast paced combat with advance weaponries and
control the one thing human have always wished to suppress ­ time.


  • Plunge into a Dramatic Story - A failed time machine experiment has fractured time
    itself, leaving Jack Joyce to pick up the pieces. As he fights to save time he must also fight
    ruthless security corporation Monarch Solutions, led by his old friend-turned-enemy Paul
    Serene. Jack struggles to save time as Paul seeks to end it forever

  • Experience Time-Amplified Combat - Push cinematic action to the next level in this
    time-fractured world. Freeze time to gain the upper hand. Warp past enemies. Turn time-
    frozen objects into weapons with a single touch. With time itself in your arsenal, combat
    is never predictable

  • Maneuver through Epic Destruction - Time collapses around you, creating epic stutter
    moments where a suddenly frozen world jerks back and forth violently. Stutters can strike
    at any moment, causing every manner of disaster as time skips forward and back. Navigate
    these unpredictable catastrophes or become their victim

  • Go from Gameplay to Screenplay - The game is just the beginning. Go deeper into the
    fast-paced world of Quantum Break with a thrilling live action companion series. Your gameplay
    affects how the live action story unfolds, creating a completely unique entertainment experience.

    The fusion between game and show leads to dynamic storytelling unlike anything you've experienced


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1x Quantum Break Xbox One Game


Xbox One
MA 15+


  Platform Xbox One
  Rating MA 15+
  Genre Action/Adventure
  Region Code

Region Free - PAL, NTSC-J, NTSC-U/C

Asia English Version


  Subtitles / Menu
Covers may vary


English, Chinese
  UPC/EAN 889842055733
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Barcode # 889842055733
Brand Microsoft

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