Screen Protectors

Australia’s Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone & More

People cherish the opportunity to own an expensive mobile phone with multiple features.  Even though it is a useful device when used properly and can provide ample benefits to its buyers, a survey has been conducted to better understand how people use their mobile phones.  According to the survey, the majority of people use their cells to hear music and to view photos, in addition to from making and receiving calls.  Only around 20% of people use them for various other purposes. 

Nowadays, mobiles are packed with a wide number of features that are highly versatile and beneficial.  Customized applications are available for specific tasks.  They use their gadget almost once every hour. Except during sleep, it is likely to be in their hands or in their pockets around the clock.  Application packed mobiles with enhanced storage space are highly expensive and often it is a life time investment for buyers. 

Protecting the things most precious to you

There are number of accessories available that are highly beneficial to safeguard this priceless, daily usable, data storing gadget.  It is necessary since most of the valuable day to day information, phone numbers, notes, mails, applications, music, and other essential files are stored and saved in this very small, very delicate gadget.  Two major items are used to protect mobile phones. One is the mobile case and another one is the mobile screen protector. It is important to understand the different features of mobile screen protectors, to ensure you get the best for your phone, whether it’s an iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6, HTC or Nokia.

Our varied range

Before going any further, let us find out how types of screen protectors are available in the market. 

There are seven different types of the screen protectors available in the market.screen protectors provide a strong, frictionless surface, ideal for touch-sensitive devices.  Specific functions are indicative by their names.  They are mentioned here for readers benefit.  Readers can decide which one is best suitable for their mobile after they finish reading the below given details.  Knowing the difference will help you differentiate them from the earlier thin sheets of film that were used to protect the mobile screen.

  • The patented invisible shield by ZAGG
  • Clear Protector
  • The XO skins
  • Screen Guardz
  • Media devil magic screen
  • Skin pea premium screen protectors
  • Armor Suit Military shield

After you decide which screen protector you need to buy, it is better to understand the process of applying the screen protector on the surface of your screen.  It is important to avoid bubbles while applying the screen protector.  Clean the surface with a clean lint free cotton cloth using a recommended solvent then install the screen protector.